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3 Steps On How To Make Sushi

Sushi is a famous Japanese dish that originated from the South East of Asia. Using three simple steps, you can easily learn how you can prepare Sushi by yourself.

Part 1: The Rice Part

The basic building block of sushi is a special form of rice known as 'shari.' It is not hard to find and sometimes the package label explains that it is sushi rice. Rinse the rise under running water until the water is no longer cloudy. Once clean, add equal amounts of water and put in a steamer to cook. Once cooked, transfer it to a big mixing bowl, and make sure not to use a metallic bowl.

Next, we have the preparation of vinegar solution. The ingredients for this are vinegar, rice wine and salt. Combine these ingredients, mix, and then cook over medium heat until all the sugar and salt has dissolved. Turn off the heat to allow cooling.

Once this mixture is cool, add it to the cooked sushi rice and ensure that all the rice is covered. The rice should not be mashed and after all addition and mixing, it should remain with a shiny texture and appearance. Before going into the next step, let the rice cool to room temperature.

Part 2: Making Sushi

Once the rice in step one is cool, its ready to be rolled, and this depends on the sushi type being made. We will look at nigiri sushi.

Nigiri sushi is a ball like rice clump with long strips of fish or eggs positioned on top. The main ingredient for this part is called neta. In its preparation, your hands need to be cool and wet so you should keep dipping them in water and ice vinegar. Using your hands, scoop small amounts of rice and mould it to form small pillow like structures.

Part 3: Assembling Sushi Rolls

This final part requires the use of seaweed know as nori. A bamboo-rolling mat is also needed for this process. When the mats are not available, a plastic wrap can be put on a dishtowel and used in rolling.

Follow the steps below:

With the shiny part of the seaweed facing downwards, cut the seaweed into two halves or alternatively fold it into two as it rips very easily. One nori sheet should be placed horizontally on the mats end. Get a handful of the sushi rice and spread gently on the nori sheet. If you want the seaweed to remain on the exterior, then leave some space at the top and bottom ends of the nori.

Once this is done, neta is then added. Fish, avocado, cucumber, and any other desired additions are cut into thin long strips and placed on the seaweed's center. Care should be taken in this step not to over-stuff the interior, as with this, the sushi will be very hard to roll. Begin rolling the mat containing all the ingredients, taking care to keep the roll even, especially the sides.

Once rolled, apply some bit of pressure to ensure that the roll stays together and does not crumble. After rolling, get the rolled piece from the mat, place it horizontally on a chopping board and cut into two halves using a sharp knife. Place the two halves together as in the previous step and cut again.

Once cut, the sushi is ready and can be served with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Enjoy.

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