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Six Main Types Of Sushi That You Might Want To Know About

Mention Japan and the first thing that will come to peoples' minds is their cuisine. The Japanese are famous for their unique and exotic cuisines. One dish that stands out from the rest of the Japanese cuisines is sushi. In fact, it is the most famed Japanese dish in the world as well as in its country of origin, Japan. Usually, this dish is preserved for special events and occasions. This Japanese dish has a rich history and is therefore closely associated with Japanese culture and traditions.

In the early day Japan, this delicacy was referred to as pickled fish preserved in vinegar. However, in the modern day Japan, it refers to rice that has been cooked using vinegar as well as other ingredients like uncooked fish and other types of seafood. It may sound simple but it is this simplicity that makes it such a divine meal. Aside from being a scrumptious meal, it also has nutritional value. The meal is high in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. This dish also keeps it low in fat, as most of the ingredients used in its preparation are consumed raw.

There are several types of sushi where most of them originate from Japan itself while others are creations of chefs from different parts of the world:

1. Nigirizushi

This type consists mainly of rice balls that have seafood mainly: tuna, shellfish and eel's toppings. At times, seaweed may be used to bind the rice and the toppings. The seafood is mostly served uncooked although sometimes, it may be fried or grilled. In the west, nigiri is often sweetened using either avocado or grilled eel.

2. Gunkanzushi

It is a variation of the Nigirizushi and is commonly known as the battleship sushi and is a rather modern type of sushi as it was not in existence until its invention in 1941. A combination of rice and seaweed is molded into cups and seafood filled into the cups. It is mostly prepared when the toppings to be used are in semi liquid form such as fish eggs.

3. Norimaki/Makizushi/Makimono

This delicacy involves the rice and seafood being rolled in dry seaweed. It is known to many as "rolled sushi". There are several kinds of Makizushi, the most common being:

• Futomaki

These are large rolls and vegetables are a common ingredient in making these rolls though they also make use of non-vegetarian toppings.

• Hosomaki

These refer to the thin rolled sushi. Most contain only one topping. They are of different kinds namely: kappamaki, tekkamaki, negitoromaki and tsunamayomaki. Each of the above named types of Hosomaki makes use of different fillings.

1. Oshizushi

It is pressed sushi. The toppings are pressed into the rice in a wooden box and the result is an appealing and mouthwatering bite.

2. Chirashizushi

In this dish, the toppings are randomly sprinkled over the rice, thus the name scattered sushi. The toppings may either be raw or cooked.

3. Inarizushi

It is easy to make and also cheap. It consists of deep fried tofu pouches that have been filled with rice. Traditionally, only rice is used to fill up the pouches. However, with time, the west has come up with different variations on this.

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